CMRI has been established mainly to conduct research on the developments in construction materials and methods, which could help enhancement of quality of materials and methods used for construction

      CMRI is involved in the collection of technical papers, articles, books and manuals related to Construction materials. Articles & lecture notes have also been prepared on the topics such as Cements, Aggregates of Concrete, and Admixtures for Concrete, Fly ash, and Blended Cements and so on Publication work of “Manual on Quality In General Construction” has also been initiated by CMRI.

      Workshops and Seminars on industry oriented topics such as Quality Concrete and Mix Design, OPS Vs Blended Cements, Newer Building Materials for Cost Effective Construction and much more have been organized and conducted by CMRI. As a part of dissemination of useful information on innovative methods and materials. CMRI organizes various training programmes, workshops and seminars at National and International Level.


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