Post Graduate Diploma in Construction Project Management

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About Course:

This inter-disciplinary Programme of studies builds upon the concepts and methodologies of management, engineering, architecture, law, information technology, social and behavioral sciences and combines theory with practice.

The curriculum is a judicious blend of theoretical and applied courses both in general management and construction management accompanied with practical experience and research work. Theoretical courses aim to improve the students understanding of certain fundamental phenomena and relationships that characterize the changing world in which managers must operate. Applied courses, which occupy the bulk of the students time, link the theoretical studies to practice problems in the construction, infrastructure and real estate development projects. Practical experience is gained by a student through construction practice, site visits and summer training where he/she learns to practice the newly acquired management skills under the supervision of an expert.


  • ✔ Understanding of construction and real estate development business and management of facilities and building services.
  • ✔ Skills and techniques of construction project management.
  • ✔ Facility to apply the knowledge and skills to the effective delivery of the projects /functions assigned to him.
  • ✔ Competency to handle a project in the specialized construction sector.
  • ✔ Knowledge of information technology tools for professionalizing information system in construction.
  • ✔ Sound knowledge of the theory and practice of corporate management.


About course:

In the changing scenario in construction field of major projects of multi-storied buildings, industries, roads, irrigation, heavy investments are being made by various governments and financial institutions for timely execution and under strict monetary control. With ever rising prices it has become imperative to affect savings through better methods of working out cost, improved system of tendering and contractual arrangements, cost planning and efficient contract management.

These elements of Civil Engineering, Economics, Finance, Statistics, Valuation, Management and Law together define the role of a “Quantity Surveyor & Contract Management”. The role of “Quantity Surveyor & Contract Management” as a specialist is now gaining a lot of importance, but still lies under-rated in the construction industry. This is mainly due to the absence of regular training facilities dealing with quantity surveying and contract management as a specialized discipline.

In the absence of a qualified quantity surveyor, every concerned organization public or private employs draftsmen, engineers or architects to take up the roles of a ‘Quantity Surveyor’. Quantity surveying & Contract Management as a professional function in construction and civil works is now receiving its due recognition in India.


  • ✔ Being a job oriented programme, it equips graduates to become Engineers and Quantity Surveyors with Construction Companies, Consultants and Government Departments.
  • ✔ Post Graduates of this programme will have competency in:
  • ✔ Measurement and estimation of quantities, preparation of bill quantities and submission of tenders.
  • ✔ Building economics from conceptual stage till completion.
  • ✔ Post contract functions, monthly valuations and project variance reports.
  • ✔ Identification of claims and extra works at sites.
  • ✔ Proficiency in information technology, finance and people management skills.
  • ✔ Facility to apply the knowledge and skills to the effective delivery of the projects / functions assigned to him.
  • ✔ Competency to handle a project in the specialized construction sector.
  • ✔ Administration of contracts, conciliation Arbitration and disputes resolution.


The duration of two programmes i.e PGDCPM & PGDQSCM are One Year - 9 months Class room study & 2 Months Field Internship.


B.E/B. Tech in Civil / Mechanical Engineering / B-Arch with 50% aggregate from a recognized university with good communication skills.